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Waterlogging has occurred in several parts of Guwahati today as a result of heavy rain throughout the night. The constant rain disrupted normal life around the city, with commuters and pedestrians caught in knee-high water.

Waterlogging in residential areas is also causing havoc for residents.

A Guwahati resident shows his disgust with the city’s waterlogging through a video.

The Anil Nagar inhabitant is spotted standing in the middle of a flooded street. The area is prone to waterlog, and drinking water is in short supply there.

He tells his story in a way that many people who are in similar situations can empathize with.

Water has become a concern in their life in every way, as they are plagued by floods every year, particularly during the monsoon season.

Meanwhile, Zoo Road, Chandmari, and Hatigaon were among the areas that were flooded to the waist today.

The Assam Kaziranga University