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Residents of the village of Amonikhali in Assam’s Raha, built a unique Bhela Ghar for the forthcoming Magh Bihu, which will be celebrated on January 13-14.

Bhela Gar, considered the most preferred place for the evening feast on the eve of the Bihu festival, this time will invite people to vaccinate themselves and others around them.

Made from bamboo and paddy thatch, the 150-square-meter temporary structure shows doctors and nurses injecting a large syringe into Omicron cell.

While speaking about the Bhela Ghar, the president of the Amonikhali Bihu organising committee that built the Bhela Ghar, Bhagwan Senapati said, “We started working on the Bhelaghar form the December 1, right after the harvesting was over. On an average, 10 to 12 people worked on it daily. The structure has a height of 25 feet and is made from loads of thatch and around 200 bamboos. We spent about one lakh rupees to construct it. While working on the theme for the traditional bhela ghar this year, we thought of making it more meaningful.”

He added, “It’s a difficult time for all of us, a time to be more cautious and responsible. We have made the bhela ghar as a long syringe carried by a doctor and a nurse to be injected into a covid cell. As close to 400 people are expected to gather in the Bhela Ghar for the Uruka community feast, the makeshift hut shall remind all of their responsibility towards vaccination. It’s our humble effort to assist the government in this cause.”

The Assam Kaziranga University