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A headteacher of a government primary school in Bihpuria, Lakhimpur district, in upper Assam, committed suicide on Saturday due to a lack of technical knowledge and a heavy workload.

He is said to have committed suicide due to his inability to use mobile phone apps.

According to reports, the deceased headmaster, Gopal Chandra Sarma, committed suicide by hanging himself near his home using a piece of cloth.

The headteacher said in the suicide letter retrieved by police officers that he took this drastic step because he was under enormous work pressure and couldn’t cope with the current digital system, which included mobile phone apps mandated by the Assam government.

Meanwhile, the deceased’s body has been submitted for postmortem.

It should be mentioned that a similar incident occurred in Sivasagar, Assam, last year.

After being unable to use a mobile application introduced by the state government to track teachers’ attendance in schools, a primary school teacher in Demow in upper Assam’s Sivasagar district allegedly committed suicide.

In one of the school’s classrooms, the teacher named Kali Prasad Chetia hanged himself from the ceiling. He was the headmaster at Demow’s Lakhimi Pathar LP School.

The Assam Kaziranga University