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A Guwahati resident said she received a bill of Rs. 1851 from Uber for a journey to the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport from her home in the city’s Rehabari area on Friday.

The lady, Shruti Choudhary requested an Uber ride to the airport, but once on the highway, she noticed that traffic was at a halt due to the rain and expected fares to rise, but she didn’t expect such an unusual fare to appear on her screen after she arrived at the airport.

When she arrived at the airport, she was taken aback when she saw a bill of Rs. 1851 flashing on her phone.

Shruti described the incident as follows: “I had my flight to Delhi at 12.40 pm and I usually take an uber whenever I have to was raining and I expected a higher fare because uber never misses a chance to loot …and today it was showing 1851 for just a dropping at the airport..obviously I had no other option for other than to wait for the rain to stop, I’d have missed the flight…In fact, asked why it was so much today and the driver said ‘aji petrol pump bondho baideo, gari nai, xhaikarone besi’.”

Noteworthy, the North East India Petroleum Dealers’ Association (Greater Guwahati Unit) has declared a 24-hour petrol pump closure in the Greater Guwahati area from 5 a.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Saturday, May 14.

The Assam Kaziranga University