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In a recent statement, Assam Education Minister Ranoj Pegu highlighted the growing significance of social media in today’s world, emphasizing that its role extends far beyond mere entertainment. Pegu stressed that social media platforms have evolved into hubs of valuable information, enabling individuals to stay updated on global events.

The Education Minister underlined that social media’s potential goes beyond the realm of entertainment and short video content. Pegu expressed concern over the inactivity of prominent colleges and universities in Assam on social media, noting that some educational institutions do not even have accounts on these platforms. Consequently, the developmental activities taking place within these establishments fail to gain the desired visibility.

To address this issue, Pegu called upon all colleges and universities in Assam to establish a presence on popular social media sites and actively share updates about their activities. doing so, the Education Minister emphasized that the institutions could increase awareness among the public about their developmental initiatives.

Pegu further pointed out that various prominent educational bodies, including the University Grants Commission (UGC), the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), and others, maintain a significant presence on social media. These platforms serve as crucial channels for circulating important information related to education. Pegu emphasized the importance of educational institutions actively participating on social media platforms to receive and share their information, ensuring they are connected with the wider educational community.

The call from the Assam Education Minister urges colleges and universities to recognize the power of social media and utilize it as a tool for amplifying their developmental activities. embracing these platforms, educational institutions in Assam can foster a greater sense of transparency and engagement, ultimately benefiting both the institutions and the wider community.

The Assam Kaziranga University