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Popular Assamese singer Shankuraj Konwar released the Hindi version of his popular song “Alakananda” on Wednesday.

The music is reimagined by Ravator, with the Hindi lyrics penned by Swaraj Priyo, who is a well-known songwriter in the Assamese music industry.

The original version was penned by Maitrayee Patar, with Tonmoy Krypton producing the music.

The song, ‘Alakananda’ is a metaphor-laced legend in sync with the symphonic tunes of modern music.

According to the description of the music video, ‘Alakananda’ is a tale of romantic nostalgia; the singer, Shankuraj recalls a moment when he fell in love with someone who was able to quench his wandering hunger and fill his cold heart with exhilarating feelings of love.

“In the hook line, he compares the faultless water of Alakananda to his beloved and her succession to be flowing through his blood and veins just like the river Alakananda,” the description added.

The music video produced by NCM, Unwind Entertainment, and Madmax Entertainment, was directed and edited by Himanshu Baisoya. The director of photography was Ankur ray, while the drone work was done by Vishal Sharma.

Yash Tiwari and Ravator arranged the music, and played the guitars, while Bhav Narang played bass and Harshit Shankar played the flute, in the song.

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