The Assam Kaziranga University

The Commissionerate of Excise in Assam released a press statement on Thursday stating that recent news about an increase in liquor pricing had been reported inaccurately by the state’s news outlets.

Various news outlets, including us, recently reported that the state’s liquor prices will increase by 65 percent starting June 15 based on an earlier release by the Excise Department.

The statement said, “It is to clarify that the levy structure has not been increased by 65 per cent nor the prices of liquor products shall go up by 65 percent as being reported.”

“The upward Excise Duty revision would lead to a marginal increase in MRP by 3 to 8% only of some selected brands, e.g. McDowel Celebration Rum (4.2%), Officers Choice or Directors Special (8.33%), Royal Stag, Royal Challenge, 8 PM etc. (4.65%), 100 Pipers, Black Dog etc. (3.33%),” the statement added.

According to a previous update, in several categories, liquor costs would have increased from Rs. 80 to Rs. 350 per bottle.

According to the recent notification from the Assam Excise Department, the increase in MRP will only result in a 3 to 8% increase in some selected brands such as McDowell’s Celebration Rum, Officer’s Choice, Royal Stag, and others.

The Assam Kaziranga University