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The multi-national fast food chain Pizza Hut has sponsored the couple from Assam who gained national recognition for their unusual wedding contract of one pizza each month.

On the occasion of Karva Chauth, Assam natives Shanti and Mintu were assured by Pizza Hut that they would receive complimentary pizzas once a month for a year.

The couple can be seen in a video posted to Pizza Hut India’s Instagram account visiting one of their restaurants and enjoying pizza. The video’s caption said, “A pizza a month for a long and happy life with your husband!! That’s the deal we are living for. #HappyKarvaChauth to all pizza-loving happy couples.”

Shanti and Mintu consented to get married after signing a contract that had a list of dos and don’ts.

The bride, wearing a red lehenga, is seen signing the contract in a viral video, and the groom follows suit. As they sign the contract, which is printed on a sizable sheet of paper, they appear happy.

The Assam Kaziranga University