The Assam Kaziranga University

The expansion of the National Highway 37 will necessitate the removal of over 2000 trees along the Guwahati Bypass.

From Jalukbari to Khanapara, the NHAI plans to expand the Guwahati Bypass. The current four-lane main passageway will be expanded to six lanes.

Over 2000 trees have to be chopped under the Kamrup East Forest Division.

Guwahatians protested the chopping down of over 12 old trees along the RG Baruah Road for the construction of the flyover just last month in February.

Citizens and the Fridays for Future movement are now raising their voices against the global climate crisis over the NH-37 tree demarcation.

The NHAI has the ‘Right of Way’ (ROW) to cut trees if necessary for expansion, according to forest officials. Replacement plantation schemes are available from the authority, and the cost is usually included in the project cost.

Over 300 trees in Guwahati, according to reports, have already been felled for various development projects, including flyover construction and the Asom Mala Scheme.

In February, the Assam Cabinet ordered that for every tree cut down due to infrastructure development in non-forest areas of the state, ten new trees to be planted.

The Assam Kaziranga University