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Assamese action comedy film ‘Local Utpaat,’ directed by Kenny Basumatary, has grossed one crore in three weeks.

Director Kenny Basumatary shared the news in an Instagram post and announced plans for ‘Local Kung Fu 3’.

“Thank you so much raaiz for making #LocalUtpaat a Big Hit!!! 1 Crore collection in just #3weeks,” the director wrote.

He went on to announce plans for Local Kung Fu 3, and how the one crore rupees will be allocated.

He stated, “After subtracting GST, tax, cinema hall share, distributor share, and other expenses, the producer will receive approximately 35-40%. From this, Cast & Crew will get Final Payment, a loan will be returned and the rest will be invested in ‘LOCAL KUNG FU 3’.”

It appears that Assamese cinema’s good days are here to stay.

Aamis director Bhaskar Hazarika’s second film, ‘Emuthi Puthi,’ is also making noises. On June 17, the family drama-comedy will be released.

The Assam Kaziranga University