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In relation to an abduction case that occurred earlier on February 1, Guwahati Police made five arrests on February 7 (Tuesday).

Ankur Surana, son of Manoj Surana, left the house at 10:30 p.m. on February 1 and did not come back, according to a complaint made by Manoj Surana on February 2 to the Bharalumukh Police Station.

The following day, a mysterious caller called Ankur’s sister over the phone over the internet and informed her that her brother Ankur Surana was with them and that in order to ensure his safe release, a certain sum of money needed to be deposited online through a link that would be provided to them the following morning.

The caller demanded 104 BTC (Bitcoins) to be transferred on February 3 in order to assure the safe release, according to the police, who also provided a link to a wallet and a QR Code.

According to the Guwahati Police press release, the required sum is roughly 19 lakh.

Ankur was found in a location close to the Amching Tea Estate, according to the police, with injuries to his body.

According to the information given by the police, an investigation revealed that the victim had been persuaded to attend a party at the PRP Valley resort in Amching, and that while he was travelling there, he had been kidnapped and imprisoned in a room.

The victim’s sister was contacted by the group after the kidnapping, and they requested money as ransom.

Rupam Das and Rajen Kaimal of Satgaon, Azaharr Choudhury of Baihata, Haren Das, and Gautam Das of Amsing have been named as the five accused.

The Assam Kaziranga University