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Kamrup (M) district in Assam has been identified as the second most accident-prone area in the region, according to a recent report titled “District-wise Road Safety Action Plan” released on May 10 by the Lead Agency for Road Safety, Government of Assam.

The district has experienced a disturbing number of fatal and injury crashes, prompting authorities to take immediate measures to ensure road safety.

The report reveals that Kamrup (M) district recorded a total of 155 fatal crashes, 272 serious injury crashes, and 117 minor injury crashes. Shockingly, these incidents resulted in the loss of 160 lives and caused severe injuries to 348 individuals, underscoring the urgent need for effective preventive measures.

With a total of 181 fatal crashes and 262 serious crashes reported in 2022, resulting in a total of 195 fatalities and 353 serious injuries, the Nagaon district has taken the top spot on the list.

Among the critical police station jurisdictions in Kamrup (M) district identified in the report are Basistha Police Station, Dispur Police Station, and Garchuk Police Station. These locations have been identified as hotspots where crash incidents occur frequently, requiring increased attention and enforcement. Additionally, certain roads have been singled out as contributing factors to the high crash rate, namely National Highway 27 (NH-27), GS Road, Assam Trunk Road, and PNGB Road 04.

To address the specific time patterns of crashes, a three-hour time zone has been identified as particularly risky. The time slots between 6 PM to 9 PM and 9 PM to 12 PM witness a significant number of crashes, emphasizing the need for heightened vigilance and enforcement during these hours.

The Assam Kaziranga University