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The irregularities found in grades given by Gauhati University in the Under-Graduate (UG) 3rd Semester CBCS Examination sparked widespread concerns.

Students from numerous Gauhati University-affiliated institutes have complained about irregularities in the UG 3rd Semester CBCS Examination.

The 3rd Semester CBCS Examination was cancelled due to COVID-19 and was not held in either an offline or online format. However, several other online tests were held in a few colleges, and some students were given assignments to mark for the semester.

Previously, students at Gauhati University had complained about the university ‘copy-pasting’ UG 1st Semester marks into the UG 2nd Semester.

However, this time also, few students have allegedly experienced a similar incident in which previous marks were repeated.

Some students expressed dissatisfaction with their grades, which ranged to an extent of “C” to “D.” The students, on the other hand, have raised concerns about assignment-based exams with such low marks.

According to a report by @thetruth.india, the matter has been reported to the university authorities by numerous colleges affiliated with Gauhati University.

The Assam Kaziranga University