The Assam Kaziranga University

Students from Guwahati’s Handique Girls College protested outside the college on Monday, April 25, against the reappointment of a professor who had been suspended for allegedly sending offensive messages and attempting to molest students.

Assistant Professor Manas Gogoi, who is accused of sexual harassment, is the professor who has drawn the wrath of the students.

“Around a year ago, there was an allegation that three to four girl students had been sexually abused. We know that he was suspended for the act and now we have come to know that he is going to be appointed again. So, we are protesting as we don’t want such a person on our campus. The college authorities have to ensure our security and this is our demand,” said one of the Students’ Union members of the college.

“We demand that he should be permanently removed. The college authorities did not discuss or inform us about this decision,” stated the students who were protesting.

In a written statement to the college administration, the students also stated that allowing an accused molester to teach would call into question the integrity of the authorities and betray the values that the college upholds.

The Assam Kaziranga University