The Assam Kaziranga University

Guwahati resident Anjali Chandak, who studies at the city’s Cotton University, voiced concern about women’s safety in the city during late hours.

Anjali told North-Eastern Chronicle that the area from Bharalumukh to Lachit Ghat is completely dark during the late hours. Despite the presence of street lights on the roads, the lights are turned off, making the footpath dangerous for pedestrians, particularly women.

She added, “This is something that requires attention. I would be grateful if it reaches the authority.”

She stated the same in a tweet on Saturday, “The area from Bharalumukh to Lachit Ghat is wrapped with darkness during the late hours irrespective of the street lights in the roads which are switched off and turn the footpath unsafe for pedestrians, especially women.”

Further, Anjali urges the government to look into the matter and ensure a woman’s basic safety at all times.

The Assam Kaziranga University