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Kabyashree Deka, a promising culinary enthusiast from Guwahati, has successfully cleared the initial rounds of the MasterChef Auditions in Guwahati and is now set to compete in the Kolkata Round. With an overwhelming experience during the Guwahati Audition, Kabyashree has expressed her excitement and nerves as she prepares for the next stage of the competition.

Kabyashree shared the exhilarating news with her followers on social media, stating, “Guys I have a news… Since most of you know I went for the Masterchef Audition in Guwahati & I had cleared the 2 rounds at the Guwahati Audition. I am selected for the Kolkata Round of Auditions & will be there. Just keep me in your Prayers! Also looking for suggestions on recipes pleaseee do it.”

In an exclusive interview with Just Guwahati Things, Kabyashree elaborated on her experience at the Guwahati Audition. She described it as “overwhelming” and emphasized how being part of the auditioning process in Guwahati was an incredible opportunity. As she sets her sights on the Kolkata Audition, Kabyashree admitted to feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness about the upcoming challenge.

Addressing her admirers on the internet, Kabyashree expressed her gratitude and urged them to continue supporting and blessing her throughout her culinary journey. She also took a moment to acknowledge her family’s unwavering support, crediting them as the most supportive individuals in her pursuit of following her culinary passion.

As Kabyashree Deka advances to the Kolkata Round of the MasterChef Auditions, the culinary world watches with anticipation, eager to see her showcase her skills and creativity on the esteemed culinary platform.

The Assam Kaziranga University