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The Health and Enforcement branches of the Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) conducted a drive in the Lokhra area of the city (Lokhra road and NH37) on Wednesday.

During the drive, a total of ten business premises were inspected, including fast food stalls, hotels, hardware shops, tea stalls, godowns, and sweet karkhana, of which five trades were found that are operating without a valid trade licence.

For infractions of certain rules and regulations, fines were imposed and notices were sent under the terms of the GMC Act.

In addition, one worker was spotted having a bath in the same area where sweets were being prepared and stored in an exposed form, in a sweet karkhana that was operating without a trade licence. Prepared sweets were destroyed, and several cooking tools were seized, due to the unsanitary circumstances and filthy kitchen complex.

A sum of Rs. 6,500 (Rupees Six Thousand Five Hundred Only) was collected as a penalty throughout the drive.

The following are the names and details for the businesses discovered operating without a valid trade licence:

1) Sweet Karkhana of Kalita Cabin;
2) Pandit Hotel (Hotel);
3) Agarwal Tripal House (Hardware store);
4) Mangal Tea Store (Tea stall); and
5) Old Rhino Transportation Service (Godown).

The Assam Kaziranga University