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A passenger was thrashed with a rod by an Uber driver in Guwahati for not getting paid in cash.

The incident occurred when the passenger, Mohd Abuzar Choudhary, and his associate, Nikita Jain, had booked an Uber to Kamakhya in Guwahati.

Nikita Jain, a journalist by profession, took to Twitter to share her encounter with the misbehaved driver, “We had booked an Uber for Kamakhya in #Guwahati. The online was payment but he wanted cash. He then got aggressive and beat @MohdAbuzarCh with a rod. When we said we will file a complaint he tried to run over my colleague with his car. He also called us Bangladeshi.”

Another acquaintance of Choudhary, Asad Asraf informed Uber about the incident and demanded that the driver be punished.

“Our friend @MohdAbuzarCh was beaten up by a rod, called a Bangladeshi by an @Uber_India driver in Assam today, his crime, he had the payment option connected with his bank and the driver wanted payment immediately,” tweeted Asraf.

“Anyone who uses these cabs knows that these days payments are directly connected with the bank through the app and the driver would know it better than anyone else. @Uber_India can you terminate the driver and file a criminal case against him without delay?” he added.

Uber India’s official Twitter account stated that their safety team is looking into the situation.

In the meantime, Guwahati Police have arrested the driver.

“Thank you @GuwahatiPol @pallavGJha1 @HardiSpeaks for your quick response. We are much obliged. The man has been caught,” wrote Nikita Jain thanking Guwahati Police.

The Assam Kaziranga University