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A 7-month-old baby was abducted from the paediatric ward of Gauhati Medical College Hospital (GMCH) in the early hours of Wednesday, allegedly by a woman.

The woman child thief has yet to be identified, but GMCH officials and the baby’s parents have filed a complaint with the Bhangagarh Police Department.

The baby, Priyam Kalita was taken to GMCH with a fever and abdominal ache on March 24 and was later diagnosed with pyelonephritis (Kidney infection).

Abhijit Sharma, superintendent of the GMCH, stated, “The 7-month-old baby was admitted to GMCH on March 24 with fever and abdomen pain and was later diagnosed with pyelonephritis. Yesterday the child wasn’t feeling well and was crying from 12 midnight. The parents couldn’t console the baby as he was crying a lot and then a lady came and asked the baby’s father if she could try and console him. The baby’s father agreed but fell asleep while sleeping in the chair. Taking advantage of the situation the lady absconded taking the baby with her.”

Sharma added, “When the incident was reported, we enquired whether the father knew the lady. To my surprise, they said they had no idea about the lady. It’s absolute carelessness on the part of the parents. And I am speechless as to how can the parents fall asleep giving the baby to an unidentified lady. We have filed a missing report and investigations are on. We hope the police find the baby.”

“The child was admitted to the hospital since March 24 and since then several tests were done and it was found that he was also suffering from kidney disease. I couldn’t console him as he was crying a lot and then a lady came and asked me to give the baby to her to console him. I was sitting in a chair and fell asleep and taking advantage of the lady absconded with my baby,” said the baby’s father, Naba Kalita.

The Assam Kaziranga University