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People of Guwahati complain that city buses in the city stop wherever they want, rather than just at bus stops, causing traffic congestion.

“Why this is happening always in Ganesh Mandir to Kahilipara Road?” questioned one Twitter user sharing a video of road traffic caused by city buses.

The video was shared on Saturday by Guwahati traffic violations (@v_guwahati), a Twitter page with a bio that reads: ‘Don’t dare to violate traffic rules in Guwahati if you don’t want to be here.’

Another user complaining about the same wrote, “Yes, I face this pathetic situation regularly at Ganeshmandir – Kahilipara road.”

Notably, The Kamrup District Administration has banned unauthorised bus stops atop Guwahati’s flyovers, in a decision made at a meeting on Wednesday, presided over by Deputy Commissioner Pallab Gopal Jha.

At a meeting, the Deputy Commissioner directed that new signposts be placed at all 60 designated city bus stops and that any city bus driver who stops his vehicle anywhere other than these stops be dealt with harshly.

The Assam Kaziranga University