The Assam Kaziranga University

A woman in the Fancy Bazar area was found using dogs as props to encourage handouts—animal activists filed a complaint at Panbazar Police Station, further suggesting that some beggars are also trading in dog meat.

When some animal activists enquired, they found out that this new trend of using dogs for begging has been observed in several areas across Guwahati in recent weeks.

Following this, animal activists have filed a complaint regarding the matter at Panbazar Police Station.

Later, some of the dogs were rescued by Panbazar Police with the help of the animal activists in the Fancy Bazar area of Guwahati. After the checkups of the dogs, they has been reported fine, but it has been found that the dogs were kept in sedative substance so that they could sleep throughout the day without starving.

Meanwhile, shopkeepers in the area confirm some of the activists’ allegations, suggesting that the dogs used for begging to keep changing regularly.

The Assam Kaziranga University