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An alarming rise in suicide cases over the past year, according to a police report, has turned Guwahati into a capital city of suicide.

Over 500 suicide instances were reported in Guwahati alone between January 1 and July of this year.

In Guwahati, the following police stations recorded the highest number of suicide cases: Police Station Fatasil Ambari came first, then Dispur, Jalukbari, Noonmati, and Basistha.

In 2013, there were 222 suicide incidents reported; in 2014, there were 220 cases; in 2015, there were 241 cases; in 2016, there were 227 cases; in 2017, there were 289 cases; in 2018, there were 287 cases; in 2019, there were 254 cases; in 2020, there were 277 cases; and in 2021, there were 414 cases.

At a news conference conducted in Guwahati on Saturday, Joint Commissioner of Police (JCP) Partha Sarathi Mahanta disclosed the above-mentioned figures.

Two helpline lines have been made available by the Assam Police for anyone who is having suicidal thoughts. They are 6026900574 and 6026900552.

The Assam Kaziranga University