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Goodricke Group, renowned for its exceptional and flavoursome blends, has launched an exclusive range of Assam single estate teas on Friday to mark the 200th anniversary of the Assam tea industry.

The Assam single estate range includes four distinct brands, each with select teas from Goodricke’s own tea estates — Dejoo, Harmutty, Amgoorie, and Borbam—all located in the beautiful Brahmaputra Valley. These premium teas have been expertly curated for tea lovers seeking an authentic and exquisite tea experience.

With a commitment to bringing authentic tea experiences to people around the world, Goodricke’s single estate range immerses tea connoisseurs in the rich tea culture of Assam, unearthing exotic and authentic flavours of the Brahmaputra Valley. The range comprises both CTC and Orthodox teas, named after the four prized tea estates of Assam.

Crafted with the finest handpicked leaves, these premium teas are the jewels of Assam. With a legacy refined over generations, Dejoo, Harmutty, Amgoorie, and Borbam all boast malty and musky notes and have been highly recommended by tea sommeliers for their rich texture, smoothness, and full-bodied liquor.

The iconic Goodricke Group has a global reputation for producing the finest teas. Deeply entrenched in the cultivation and curation of tea, the group has tea gardens that are over 150 years old. With a team of tea experts who personally select and craft the finest teas and exotic blends from its own tea estates, Goodricke’s Assam single estate range brings the world’s finest teas right to your home.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Atul Asthana, MD & CEO of Goodricke Group Ltd., reiterated the company’s commitment to bringing quality and authenticity to tea lovers. He stated, “Our single estate teas are a tribute to Assam tea connoisseurs who seek a rich, superior, and authentic taste of the finest Assam teas.”

In addition to its tea gardens and national presence in the packet tea business in India, Goodricke has its tea cafés, lounges, and boutique stores.

The Assam Kaziranga University