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In an extremely rare sighting, a tourist from Bengaluru sighted a golden tiger in Assam’s Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve.

It should be mentioned that this was the first time the golden tiger had been seen in Kaziranga in over two years.

Vishwajit Chhetri, the tourist who captured the moment, remarked that seeing the tiger beside the rhinoceros astonished him, adding that he had never expected to see such a rare sighting in his wildest fantasies.

“Usually, one does not see a rhinoceros and the Royal Bengal Tiger together. Except when the tiger is on a hunting spree,” said the tourist.

Moreover, in July 2020, the golden tiger was sighted in Assam’s Kaziranga National Park. Mayuresh Hendre, a Naturalist and Destination Manager with the luxury cruise ship MV Mahabahu, captured the tigress on camera.

Source: Twitter
The Assam Kaziranga University