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The Kamrup (M) district administration has requested that all internal exams be rescheduled for all students in Guwahati and the nearby areas.

The Kamrup-Metro district administration has issued an advisory in this respect.

Water logging, power outages, and a lack of suitable transportation have all been reported in flood-affected parts of Guwahati in recent days, prompting the district administration’s advisory.

The statement issued on Sunday by the Kamrup-Metro district administration, stated, “In view of various areas still waterlogged and many children having faced problems of electricity, communication etc in last few days educational institutions (govt/pvt) have been requested to reschedule their internal exams for all students, if scheduled.”

“Or, at least think of rescheduling it for students from still flooded areas,” it added.

In addition, the Assam’s Kamrup-Metro district disaster management authority (DDMA) has asked the inspector of schools (IS) to provide official directives to this effect as soon as possible.

Due to floods, Guwahati, has been one of the worst-affected areas in the state.

Flood floods and water logging are still wreaking havoc in several parts of Guwahati, throwing daily life into disarray. Ju

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