The Assam Kaziranga University

On Tuesday, November 23, Assam Swimmer Elvis Ali Hazarika set another milestone by becoming the first Assamese to effortlessly swim the 38 kilometres from Dharamtar Jetty to the Gateway of India in the Arabian Sea.

The swim began at 1 AM on Tuesday, November 23 and took a total of 10 hours to accomplish.

Hazarika has previously stated that the competition was part of his training for the projected North Channel Swimming event that he plans to do next year.

“It was a challenging challenge since we swam with very large fish and couldn’t see well at night owing to the lack of light in the water,” Hazarika commented after finishing the swim. “For me and the people of Assam, this is a dream come true,” he added.

Hazarika had formerly won 68 national and six international gold medals in numerous swimming competitions. Furthermore, in 1991, when he was just nine years old, he represented India at the Asia Pacific Swimming Championships.

The Assam Kaziranga University