The Assam Kaziranga University

The Government of Assam has introduced a new system for trouble-free issuance of the vehicle registration certificate and driving license on July 20.

The Secretary of Transport, Adil Khan said that as per directed by the Chief Minister of Assam, a new system has been introduced for the issuance of QR code-based registration certificates and driving license cards replacing the smart card and in line with the Ministry of Road Transport notification.

Khan said, “The new system introduced will ensure no multiple visits to the office of DTOs to submit papers, pay fees and collect the printed Driving license and registration certificate.”

He also said that the automobile dealer has been delegated powers of registration authority by the Transport department for registration of both transport and non-transport vehicles, and to print RCs at the time of selling the vehicle to customers through Aadhaar authentication.

The new RC and QR code embedded on it will have additional security features added to it like Guilloche pattern, Micro line, watermark, and Hologram below the top layers.

Following the introduction of the new system in public service, the transport department has already introduced 40 Aadhaar based contactless services, including registration of fully built transport and non-transport vehicles at dealer point

The Assam Kaziranga University