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On the occasion of Goru Bihu, the people of Pathsala in Assam’s Bajali district hold a one-of-a-kind competition.

A “Cow Fashion Show” was held at Gobindapur Satra in Assam’s Bajali district on the occasion of Goru Bihu this year as well.

The event was inaugurated by Assam Minister Ranjit Kumar Dass.

It wasn’t an ordinary beauty pageant. Cows walked the ramp in this village rather than human models.

The cows in the area were dressed in traditional Assamese gamucha, bells, garlands, and unique clothing.

Farmers in the area look forward to participating in the fun-filled event every year.

This is one of the state’s unique festivities. It’s being held to enable local farmers to join together and celebrate Bihu in a unique way.

The cows are taken to a nearby river to be bathed in Mah-Halodhi on the day of Goru Bihu.

The cows are then dressed out in gorgeous garments, bells, gamucha, and a garland of brinjal, water gourd, etc.

The cows are made to walk the ramp to the tune of Bihu Husori during the occasion.

The Assam Kaziranga University