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An astonishing constitution-themed wedding card of a lawyer from Guwahati, Assam, has gone viral on social media, on Friday, November 26, which is celebrated as Constitution Day in India.

The card reads, “When lawyers get married, they don’t say ‘YES’, they say – ‘We accept the terms and conditions.’”

The card has the names of the bride and groom written on either side of the scales of justice to represent equality. The wedding invite also mentions the laws and rights that govern Indian marriages.

“The right to marry is a component of Right To Life under Article 21 of the Indian constitution. So, it is time for me to use this Fundamental Right on Sunday 28th November 2021,” the card reads.

Advocate Ajay Sarma, from Guwahati, is getting married to Pooja Sarma and he wanted to make a unique card for his wedding after having joked about it with his colleagues.

“I wanted to put that humour on the card to make look different. When we go through a wedding card, people usually check the venue, time and date. We don’t read what’s written on the top and bottom. I wanted to have a card that people would read from top to bottom,” the groom said.

Ajay took a friend’s help to design the card and got it printed to send it to his colleagues.

Interestingly, Ajay’s family got to know about the card only after it went viral.

“The first number on the card is of my father. After he started receiving calls, he asked me, ‘What card did you make?’ I had made two cards. The first one was traditional and the other to invite the legal fraternity,” Ajay said.

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