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A student from Gauhati Commerce College (GCC) had his eardrum damaged on one side after allegedly being smacked by a professor on Thursday.

The student, Shubham Kaur, claims that the slap has caused him to lose hearing in his left ear. The Professor, Hemanta Kumar Deka, on the other hand, has denied the allegations.

Shubham’s family filed a complaint against the professor at the Chandmari police station after the incident. The family said that no action has been taken thus far.

According to the student, he was sitting in class with his hand over his mouth when the incident occurred. The Professor misread him and mistook him for giggling. The student was allegedly slapped twice by the Professor.

The student noticed that his left side of the face had become numb. He went to his father and told him about the incident, after which they proceeded to the police station to submit a report. And went to the doctor for a physical examination. His eardrum had been destroyed, according to the doctor, and he was suffering from internal bleeding.

However, the Professor denied hitting the student, claiming that the student was sitting on the backbench, disrupting the class. When questioned why he wasn’t paying attention and disrupting the class, the student replied by engaging in a verbal altercation with the Professor. According to the Professor, he thumped the student’s back but did not hit his ear.

The Assam Kaziranga University