The Assam Kaziranga University

Britannia, India’s food industry giant, has announced plans to increase the company’s female workforce in its Assam plant.

On account of International Women’s Day, Britannia Industries on Tuesday announced that it is planning to increase the women workforce at its largest northeastern plant near Guwahati to 65 per cent this year.

According to Britannia Industries Regional Manufacturing Head (East) Kishor Vinayak Kulkarni, the company currently employs 60 per cent women in its Assam plant.

PTI quoted Kulkarni as saying, “Women are an important constituent of our society as well as our company. We are steadily increasing the number of women employees at our manufacturing facility over the years.”

“We are looking forward to closing the 2022 calendar year with 65 per cent women in our workforce,” Kulkarni added.

He added, “The exact number of employees that we are going to hire during the year is difficult to say at this moment. As the production demand grows, the overall workforce capacity is set to grow. We are clear that women employees will be 65 per cent of the total workforce.”

He said, “Women in leadership roles have played an important role in facilitating a more inclusive environment, especially in manufacturing operations.”

The Assam Kaziranga University