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A person shared a touching story about his interaction with a fruit vendor on a national highway, and it has gone viral on social media.

The person named Bhramar Mazumder shared his interaction with a proud father and banana vendor on the national highway of Barkuchi Chak near Mirza on Thursday.

The banana vendor’s son had been given a job at police department in Nalbari, Assam, and he was celebrating by distributing beverages to his customer on the highway.

Mazumder posts on Facebook about his touching interaction with the banana vendor.

He shared a photograph of a man serving a drink along with the caption, “I inquired about the pricing from a man selling bananas on the national highway near Mirza, Barkuchi Chak. He stated that Malbhog costs 70 rupees and Seni costs 40 rupees.”

“I took the Malbhog. And, he eagerly offered a glass of Mirinda from the corner of his cloth bag. I told I have diabetes and won’t be able to drink it, but I appreciate the gesture. He said, my kid got a job as a police today, and it would have been wonderful if you drink some,” the caption further said.

“I instantly gulped the cold drink after listening to this. My heart bursts with excitement when I see Uncle’s smiling face. I went to my car after wishing him and his son success. ‘If such a government exists, poor people like us will undoubtedly profit,’ a person standing near me said to the banana vendor,” the caption added.

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