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A daring woman cop in Assam, who made headlines a few months ago when she took on an MLA, has now had her fiance jailed for fraud.

Junmoni, who is known for her work ethic, has had her fiancé Rana Pogag detained after he falsely pretended to be an ONGC officer and proposed to Junmoni.

Rana Pogag is accused of defrauding people out of crores of rupees by offering them a job and contract at ONGC.

Junmoni filed an FIR against Rana Pogag after learning of his intentions, and he was later detained.

Meanwhile, bogus ONGC seals and documents have been seized from Pogag’s possession.

“In January 2021, I met him and later made the marriage proposal. We got engaged once the family agreed. I had just newly posted in Nagaon. But there was something about him and his work that gradually sparked doubts. I am grateful to the three people who came to me with information about him (Rana Pogag) on how big a fraud he is. They opened my eyes,” said Junmoni Rabha.

Junmoni Rabha had previously made headlines in January after a leaked phone call from Bihpuria MLA Amiya Kumar Bhuyan yelling at Junmoni and allegedly telling her to stray from her official responsibilities went viral on social media. Junmoni refused to give in and instead questioned the MLA about how he could ask a police officer to disobey the rules as a representative of the people.

The Assam Kaziranga University