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Assamese Youtuber Dimpu Baruah’s vlog channel crosses 2 million subscribers. He uploads vlog videos of him travelling and meeting various people to entertain his audience, on his second channel, ‘Dimpu’s Vlogs.’

He has two YouTube channels. The other one goes by his name, Dimpu Baruah, where he uploads informative videos on various topics; the channel currently has 1.41 million subscribers.

Dimpu Baruah talking to his audiences posted on Facebook, “My little hard work and effort, and rest is your excessive love and affection, that propelled a personal YouTube channel of Assam to cross 2 million subscribers. It’s really unbelievable, feels like a dream.”

He added, “I promise, I’ll never exploit your love and affection in a bad manner, and I assure you that I’ll keep making content that everyone can watch and learn and feel good watching them.”

Dimpu Baruah, regarded as Assam’s most loved YouTuber, has more than 1 million followers on his Facebook, and his Instagram profile has over 700K followers.

The Assam Kaziranga University