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In a heartbreaking social media video, a young man and his longtime girlfriend, who passed away on Friday from illness in a private hospital in Guwahati, Assam, were shown getting married. The man even swore in front of the body that he would live a single life.

In the video, a young man identified as Bitupan Tamuli can be seen applying vermillion on the girl’s forehead in a similar way that a man would to his newlywed wife. The girl lying on the floor was then given a white garland to wear around her neck by the 27-year-old young man.

Bitupan and Prathana Bora had been in love for a considerable amount of time, and the bride’s family claims that they were aware of their connection. The wedding plans had already been established before Prathana’s tragic passing by his family, who were also aware of the situation.

Prathana’s cousin Subhon Bora said, “Few days before, Parthana suddenly fell ill and she was taken to a private hospital in Guwahati. Though we tried a lot but we couldn’t save her. She died on Friday evening.”

“When Bitupan arrived, he announced that he was going to marry her. We couldn’t say anything because this was beyond our imagination. We were wondering whether someone can love my sister this deep. And yet, here we are witness to it,” he added.

The Assam Kaziranga University