The Assam Kaziranga University

On the occasion of World Environment Day, villagers in Dhansiri sub-division in Assam’s Golaghat district, along with officials from the state’s forest department and district administration, planted 1 lakh saplings.

This endeavour was taken in the interest of preserving the environment and setting a new milestone.

MLA Biswajit Phukan said, “There is about 500 Acres of land here and we will be planting trees in the whole area. The Nambor forest will be extended till here. We are also thinking about compensating the people who have given up their land for the plantation drive.”

He added, “This place was a forest earlier which was gradually taken over by villagers. The people who once destroyed the forest are now thinking about regenerating it again.”

The lands were ploughed with several tractors. A female officer drove a tractor to assist in ploughing the area.

Dinchengfa Boruah, Sub Divisional Officer (Civil) Dhansiri, said, “We thought we should take part in this initiative to send a message of unity. Around one lakh plant saplings have been planted here.”

Locals in the Dhansiri sub-division hope to plant at least 15 lakh saplings over the next few years. Today, each family is attempting to plant ten saplings.

A local schoolchild summed it out this way: “Since global warming is rising, we should all plant trees to control increasing temperatures.”

The Assam Kaziranga University