The Assam Kaziranga University

Deepor Beel is soon to be converted into a major tourism hotspot and at least 100 houseboats will be set up in the lake, announced Assam Government.

The government has planned the eviction of all encroachers in Deepor Beel, and, soon will initiate works towards the development of the lake, to promote Assam’s only Ramsar site as a major tourism spot.

The tourism department has already asked the revenue department for a report on illegal settlers in the area.

Tourism Minister Bimal Borah in a written reply stated that the department is exploring all possibilities for converting Deepor Beel into something similar to Kashmir’s Dal Lake.

“As Deepor Beel has been declared as a bird sanctuary, there are technical problems for developing certain infrastructures at the site. On December 18, the forest department has agreed to a lot us some land and we will create necessary infrastructure for tourism development in the respective location. We will build a watchtower and also set up 100 houseboats,” stated Bimal Borah.

The Assam Kaziranga University