The Assam Kaziranga University

A horrible incident has occurred in Jorhat, on Monday, November 29, where a student leader was killed near Nirmal Chariali in a lynching incident.

The incident occurred at a truck stand near the Nirmal Chariali area, of the Jorhat town, in Assam. It happened after around 50 people attacked three youths over a ‘miscommunication’.

The dead student has been identified as Animesh Bhuyan, Education Secretary of the Brahmaputra Regional Committee, AASU.

Two others, identified as Mridusmanta Baruah, a local reporter, and Pranay Dutta, a local leader of AASU, were also grievously injured in the incident.

“We got a call from Mridusmanta Baruah that people were attacking them and sought help. We reached there within a few minutes and even called the police. While the mob beat them up over an accident, the three have claimed that they did not cause the accident and were trying to help a senior person who had fallen himself,” an AASU leader speaking to the media said.

Mridusmanta Baruah said that the mob continued to beat them even after the police arrived at the spot. “The mob continued to beat Animesh even when we got on the police vehicle and Animesh was lying on my lap,” Baruah said.

Baruah stated that a person was drunk and was shouting for help. “We went to pick him up and people thought that we were involved in harming him. They attacked us and the lynching continued for about 15 minutes. Animesh was dragged a long way. They took Animesh’s mobile phone and tried to snatch mine as well.”

The Jorhat Police arrived at the location and rushed the injured to Jorhat Medical College Hospital (JMCH), where Mridusmanta Baruah and Pranay Dutta were said to be in a critical condition and are currently undergoing treatment.

However, the doctors declared the AASU leader Animesh Bhuyan dead on arrival.

The Assam Kaziranga University