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In Assam’s Barpeta district, a father was murdered by his son over a ‘bidi’ (a type of thin cigarette).

The police stated that the incident occurred early in the morning and that the entire incident was caused by a bidi.

The dead was identified as Lal Miyan, who was stabbed to death by his son, Samsul Haque.

They were residents of the Alipur area of Kalgachia in Barpeta district.

The police stated that after finding about the murder, they went to the scene and apprehended Samsul.

He was subsequently brought to the police station, where he admitted to killing his father over a bidi.

Samsul asserted that he asked his father for a bidi early in the morning, and he gave him one, but when he asked for another one later, his father verbally abused him.

Both of them ended up arguing over the bidi, which escalated into a fight. Samsul was enraged and stabbed his father with a khukuri (machete).

Samsul was detained and taken into custody based on his statement.

The Assam Kaziranga University