The Assam Kaziranga University

Assam has 3,716 lower primary schools with only one teacher, and 314 are functioning with no teacher at all.

In Guwahati, 224 of the 1,800 government primary schools have only one teacher, and 37 are without one.

Last January, the Assam State Primary Teachers’ Association surveyed primary schools throughout the state. The survey included 33,829 primary schools spread across 51 subdivisions and 32 districts across the state.

According to the survey, multiple classes are held in a single room in 1,664 schools.

“With this survey, we want to bring to the notice of the government the ground reality of primary education in Assam. Hope the government takes necessary steps,” Ratul Goswami, Secretary of the Assam State Primary Teachers’ Association, told G Plus.

“With proper action from the government many teachers are also likely to get appointed. The employment process must be expedited,” Goswami added.

Assam’s primary schools employ a total of 90,783 teachers.

The Assam Kaziranga University