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The Assam government is working to transform Guwahati’s surroundings into Satellite Township.

In this regard, on March 7, a group of Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) and Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) officials will travel to Pune and Mumbai to gain a better understanding of the development of a Satellite Township.

According to G Plus, both Departments will collaborate to map the city through geo-mapping and develop up to 80 kilometres of Guwahati’s surrounding area into satellite townships such as Sonapur, Morigaon, Rangiya, and Bijoynagar.

According to reports, the same will be included in Guwahati’s Master Plan. Furthermore, the government intends to establish several such townships throughout Assam.

“The present Master Plan Guwahati 2025 was created manually. We are planning to upgrade it as a GIS-based plan and make it more precise. The townships will bring down the increasing load on Guwahati,” sources said to G Plus.

A Satellite Township is an urban centre that is functionally integrated with the megacity and is located on the major transportation line that connects the city, serving as the city’s secondary settlement.

They are planned in accordance with advanced urbanisation guidelines and provide a scientific balance between population and resources. Better resource utilisation, such as water and electricity, is ensured in such cities, in addition to reducing environmental impact, ensuring superior air quality, and providing fully centralised, highly integrated security for its population.

A team led by GMDA Chairman Narayan Deka, GMDA CEO Kausar Hilaly, GMC Associate Planner Rajib Neog, and a few others will visit Pune and Mumbai for the project.

The Assam Kaziranga University