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Assam government is planning to introduce cable car service in Guwahati, while a new survey is being conducted to determine whether metro rail service should be introduced.

In addition, an integrated traffic management system will be implemented to ensure that traffic flows freely.

The Minister in Charge of the Guwahati Development Department, Ashok Singhal, told The Assam Tribune that the introduction of cable car services would greatly reduce traffic congestion in the city. According to him, the plan is to use cable cars to transport at least 50,000 commuters per day.

The WAPCOS, a Government of India enterprise with experience conducting surveys for various types of transportation projects both in India and abroad, has been entrusted with the task of conducting a detailed survey for the cable car project.

The government hopes to begin the project implementation process by the end of the year, stated Singhal.

In response to a question, Singhal stated that the much-discussed metro rail project has not been abandoned. He explained that the government chose the cable car project because metro rail tracks could not be built on all of the city’s major roads.

He added, “Some roads are too congested for construction of metro rail lines and the cable cars will be beneficial in those areas.”

The Minister commented on the current status of the metro rail project, saying that while a survey for it was conducted some time ago, the topography of Guwahati has changed over the years as new flyovers have been built.

A new bridge over the Brahmaputra River is also being built. As a result, a new survey is needed, and the RITES, a Government of India enterprise, has been tasked with conducting one, he added.

Meanwhile, an integrated traffic management system is being implemented to ensure that traffic flows freely. According to Singhal, 102 locations throughout the city have been identified for traffic signal installation, with all of the locations being linked to the control room to regulate traffic flow. The tender for project implementation has already been given by the government.

Furthermore, Singhal added that the government is procuring 100 electric buses and 100 gas-powered buses for the benefit of commuters.

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