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The Assam cabinet has set the speed limits for several types of vehicles on state roads and highways.

Senior cabinet minister Keshab Mahanta stated that the decision was made after receiving feedback from the public and stakeholders.

The cabinet had previously resolved to set vehicle speed limits on roadways, noting the high prevalence of traffic accidents in the state, and had sought opinion from stakeholders.

“From now on, the speed for transport vehicles (with 8 passengers) was restricted to 100km/ hour while on 4 lane roads, 70km/hour on other roads and 60km/hour on municipal roads. Bigger passenger vehicles will have a speed limit of 80 km/ hour on 4lane highways, 70 km/ hour on state roads and 60 km/ hour on roads in municipal areas,” said Mahanta.

Similarly, goods-carrying vehicles were permitted to travel at speeds of 70 kilometres per hour on four-lane highways, 60 kilometres per hour on state roads, and 40 kilometres per hour on municipal roads.

Two-wheelers would be allowed to travel at a maximum speed of 80 km/h on four-lane highways, 60 km/h on state roads, and 50 km/h on municipal roads, according to the cabinet.

The state government has asked for the public’s cooperation and assistance in order to make the highways safer for everyone.

The state transportation department has brought 12 high-tech interceptor vehicles to measure any speed limit violations on the roadways.

These vehicles will catch any vehicle that is speeding from a distance of one kilometre.

The Assam Kaziranga University