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On November 26, the Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL) agreed to revoke the proposed increase in tariff rates of 79 paise per unit, starting in December 2022.

The APDCL had declared on November 25 that the electricity cost would increase by 79 paise per unit for the upcoming three months, from December to February.

Following the installation of smart reading metres, the Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd (APDCL) has recently increased electricity prices, which hasn’t gone over well with the state government.

The Assam Chief Minister then stated that there had not been a rise in the price of electricity but that there had been reports of people receiving bills that were excessively high because some recently installed smart metres had given inaccurate readings.

Meanwhile, in a statement to the media, State Minister Pijush Hazarika, Minister of Water Resources, Information, and Public Relations, said, “We have noticed technical glitches in the smart meters in some places, and APDCL has also issued a press statement.”

The minister also said that whenever there is a sudden increase in power prices, all readings will be redone to address the problem.

The Assam Kaziranga University