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Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma expressed her love for Assamese food via Instagram on Sunday.

Chef Gitika of Gitika’s Pakghor served the Assamese meal to the actress.

It was a simple Assamese lunch made by the chef whom the actress had searched out on Instagram, and the menu was settled upon after a quick discussion with Anushka’s crew.

The ecstatic chef, expressed her joy on Instagram, writing, “When the call came yesterday, little did I imagine that it’ll be from Anushka Sharma’s home to prepare for her family lunch + guest today. A few messages were exchanged with her team to decide on the menu and there we are what you see on her plate today. Lo and behold, she surprised us by sharing it with her Instagram family and a repeat menu for tomorrow, really!!! Pinching myself to believe this…”

Anushka’s lunch consisted of dal prepared with sawtooth coriander and served with white steaming rice on the side. A dry curry with spiny gourd stir fry and pitika (mashed raw banana or kaskol pitika), a frequent side dish in authentic Assamese lunch, is served alongside, with a blob of beetroot pickle on the side.

The Assam Kaziranga University