The Assam Kaziranga University

Amrit Brikshya Andolan 2023, dedicated to environmental conservation and reforestation, is set to make a global impact by pursuing nine Guinness World Records. These endeavors span various categories, with some aiming to establish entirely new records and others seeking to surpass existing ones.

On September 9, at Guwahati’s Veterinary Ground, a record-breaking attempt for the largest line/spiral of saplings will take place. The following day, the same venue will witness an effort to break the record for the largest number of seedlings distributed in a single day at one location, currently held at 76,824 seedlings by Uttar Pradesh.

Residents of Udalguri aim to set a new standard for the most trees planted by a team in 24 hours on September 14, with a target of 8,47,275 trees. Similarly, residents of Dibrugarh plan to challenge the record for the most trees planted in one hour on September 15, currently held by Turkey at 3,03,150 trees.

On September 16, residents of Digboi will attempt to break the record for the largest planted tree mosaic, which currently stands at 21,825.74 square meters, also held by Turkey.

On September 17, residents of Sivasagar will endeavor to plant the most trees by a team of 100 in one hour, aiming to surpass Bhutan’s existing record of 49,672 trees. Simultaneously, an online attempt will be made to break the record for the largest photo album of people planting trees, currently at 3,83,783 held by Turkey.

Moreover, ongoing efforts are in place to create a new record for the most pledges taken to plant and protect trees.

Finally, on September 11, an attempt will be made to conduct the largest online nature conservation lesson, with a target of 7,500 participants.

The Assam Kaziranga University