The Assam Kaziranga University

The Government is working to make the Assam flood crisis a thing of the past, claimed Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who on Saturday asked for five years to find a solution to the natural disaster.

Shah was speaking to a gathering of party members, following the inauguration of the BJP’s newly built state office in Guwahati.

A project to reduce flood damage, according to him, is currently being prepared.

Minister Shah said, “In the BJP manifesto, we had promised an Assam free from terrorism, corruption and flood. We’ve already achieved the first two. Give us five more years, we’ll make Assam free from flood.”

Assam is nearly always devastated by three to four flood waves each year. According to a state government website, the calamity causes an average annual loss of Rs 200 crore.

According to Shah, the issue has already been thoroughly reviewed with all relevant parties on Friday evening, and “an ambitious project” is being put together under the supervision of the North Eastern Council (NEC).

He added, “In five years, the flood will be history. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is determined to make Assam a flood-free state.”

The Assam Kaziranga University