The Assam Kaziranga University

Guwahati-based singer Raktutpol Diku Bharadwaj was invited to perform at a Bihu event in Silpukhiri, the singer’s residential neighbourhood, on Saturday.

Everything was normal until a few members of the Silpukhuri Bihu committee allegedly misbehaved with the artist and his team after getting drunk.

The members initially called the team’s musicians on stage, but not the singer, and asked them to play music for other participants who had been on the stage for a long period, after which they became exhausted and expressed concerns about their own performance.

When the team’s manager went and simply asked, “Until how much longer do my musicians have to play, as they are already tired?,” the committee members began misbehaving and smashing the team’s instruments.

“They also insulted my mother and sister badly in front of everyone. The show was dedicated to Abhijit and Nilotpal who were killed in Karbi Anglong in 2018. However, the same treatment has served us too. We need justice… I have no words to describe it,” speaking of the incident, Raktutpol said.

The Assam Kaziranga University