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Actress-turned-filmmaker Aimee Baruah debuted at Cannes this year.

On the red carpet, Baruah dazzled the audience and made history by becoming the first Assamese actor to walk the Cannes red carpet.

Semkhor, directed by Baruah and the first-ever film in the Dimasa language, received positive comments from viewers at the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

The film attempts to depict the existence of the Samsa community, who prefer to live in seclusion from the outside world due to their customs, rituals, and old beliefs.

Taking to Twitter, Baruah said, “It has been an amazing experience being a part of the prestigious 75th #CannesFilmFestival. The amount of interest & appreciation generated by “Semkhor” has been truly overwhelming. It has been an absolute honor for me, my homeland, the North East & my country, India.”

She continued, “Overwhelmed by interest amongst people from different parts of the world regarding “Semkhor”. Massive thanks to my team for helping me bring a film about our soil, our language, to this prestigious platform & the immense respect it has garnered from all across the globe.”

“Delighted & proud to have walked down the red carpet at the #CannesFilmFestival draped in Muga silk, representing my language and culture at this festival. My heartfelt gratitude to the Government of India, the organisers of the festival and the people of my home-state, Assam,” she added.

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