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People are littering around the newly opened Burger King in Guwahati. Citizens have expressed their dissatisfaction with the city’s cleanliness and have requested that it be kept clean.

Guwahati resident Krishangi Sharma, complained about the filth outside Burger King, claiming that people were not throwing trash in the bin.

She wrote with sharing the pictures of garbage, “Been barely a week and look at the condition infront of Burger King.”

She added, “People have enough time to click pictures and use hundreds of filters one after another to keep “Burger King memories” and let their peers know about the same, but none when it comes to throwing garbage in a dustbin. Shame!”

Meanwhile, Assam Police Special DGP GP Singh on Monday appealed to the public to keep Guwahati’s Mahabahu Brahmaputra River Heritage Centre “pristine.” He wrote, “Visited Heritage Bungalow at Panbazar Guwahati this evening. Unfortunate images of some people having broken the chair and thrown used glasses here & there. Friends, it’s ours. Let’s keep it pristine.”

The Assam Kaziranga University